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*~* 2-17-2015 Update *~*

Patriots Information Hotline Update...

Dear Fellow Patriot's,  
The New Year has started and so has our new programming. We are having alot of "Shows" on our call line to keep you informed on things going on. You can call in and listen live. Ask questions, Make Comments, Voice concerns. You can go to the website and create and account and listen to the archives. We are adding a few new pages on the site so please expect a few problems there while we get it up and running. At this point in time we have the following shows that are being started on the network. The Female Patriot Prespective hosted by MamaBear on Tuesdays 8 to 10pm CST. The New Sin City Sounds hosted by our very own DangerousDi on Thursday 9pm to 11pm CST. The Patriot Prepper Extreme Couponing with host Stacy on Friday 10am to noon CST. Defending Rural America & How to do it with Skip Stranahan Saturdays 3pm to 6pm CST. We The People are The Militia with host Chris Dorsey Saturdays 8pm to 10 pm CST. The Ghost Regiment will be starting on March 1st. It will be every Sunday from 6pm CST to 8pm CST Hosted by The Ghost Patriot with Co-Host Darren Bowls. We also have a new show coming called The Common Core Factor With 2 new hosts. Plus more programming coming. The call line is up an going 24 hours a day again for any Patriot across the country who wants to call in and talk about anything. To notify us of any events you might have going on or just to sit around and shoot the breeze with like minded people. So come one and come all invite your friends and lets vamp up the Patriot Movement.

The time is now!! We are on the verge of a coming revolution.

The time for sitting behind a keyboard is gone. Its time to start rising up.

Join together Patriots. The time is approaching.    

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This is a Live Call.
Ongoing Border Information. 

 Currently we have 17 teams on the border of Texas. We have contact with 9. We hold an open invitation for all active or potential groups on the ground to contact us for any help we have to offer.

Tx Border Volunteers
 You can visit them online at
 All donations are appreciated please send too...
 Texas Border Volunteers, Inc.
 c/o Dr. Mike and Linda Vickers
 P.O. box 559
 Falfurrias, Tx 78355

Border Brotherhood of TX is in need of donations.
 They need gas cards and debit card donations
 They can be sent too
 Border Brotherhood of Texas
 PO Box 1165
 Donna, Texas 78537

FOB Harmony
 There is an immediate call for (250) VOLUNTEER (Honorably Discharged) Military Veterans and / or Prior-Service Law Enforcement Agency personnel to join current & going operations on the southern border of Texas. These personnel should have the typical accompaniment of field equipment necessary to perform border operations and patrolling in a nighttime environment. Must possess a valid CHL/CCW from your state that has reciprocity with Texas or pay for a Law Enforcement background check. There are no luxuries afforded this call at this time.  Qualified parties can contact me directly at PUT THE WORD "BORDER" IN THE SUBJECT LINE!

 Currently we have 7 teams on the ground in AZ. 6 We have contact with.  3 are looking for Boots on the ground also. Donations for these teams can be sent to them at the following locations. We do have more teams getting ready to mobilize.

Operation Phoenix
 Is in need of Night vision at least Gen III, Need 5 tires. No mix match sizes for four wheel drive. Tire Size is 31x10.5x15, minimum tire model would be Big Foot. They also need prepaid debit cards and gas Cards too. Gear & Hard supplies are welcome. Please no food and water bundles that’s what the debit cards are for.  If anyone is interested in donating to Op Phoenix please contact PatriotsInformationHotline for donation shipping.

Nogalas Az
If you would like to send gas cards or food cards they can be sent too.  This will only be accessed weekly.
 General Delivery 3848
 Apache Junction, Az. 85117

Captain O'Shaughnessy, AZ Militia
 He is looking for Boots I believe but you need to contact him Facebook is the best way at the moment or contact PIH we can put ya in touch with him. His Ao is mobile and we have no donation PO box 

The Arizona State Militia
 Is currently seeking new recruits in all counties within the state! All citizens are welcome regardless of experience, skills, or abilities, including individuals with the following backgrounds: Military, Federal, Government, Medical, Law Enforcement, Skilled Trades, Engineers, Business Owners, Professionals, and Lawyers to name a few.

 To donate to Arizona State Militia "Praetorian Guard"
 To Join -

Arizona Border Defenders (AZBD)
 AZ Border Defenders is a volunteer border watch organization dedicated to informing the American public about the dangers of our illegal immigration crisis. We conduct border watches involving intelligence gathering and Search and Rescue missions. We report all suspected illegal aliens or drug smugglers to law enforcement. All intelligence is provided to Border Patrol and other law enforcement.

 Join them

Arizona Defense Initiative
 We are currently looking for donations to help fund our operations in the Vekol Valley smuggling corridor in Arizona. 
 But We appreciate anything that our supporters can give, no matter the amount. Find them on FB

West of 19 Operations
 If you would like to join this group you can go to
 These guys need BOG and Gas cards if ya can help out hollar!
 Find them on Face Book at  or on their website at 

Online donations accepted at
 Az Border Recon
 P.O.Box 37275
 Phoenix Az 85069

2 teams on duty Contact with one team..
Mountain MinuteMen donate through paypal or you can visit thier online site at They also can be visited on Face Book at

Thank you to all for all your Support!!


Here is a video with some Property Owners you might find interesting. 

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