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*** 7-11-2014 UPDATE ***

~Larry Murdock statement~ Just like what your seeing in Israel, Obama tried to coerce them to have an open border like we have now in America. You see what's happening there, where they are being bombarded with missile attacks. Well were not being hit with missile attacks yet. But we are being bombarded with sick people, criminal 's,and gang members. We are also having an economical drain on this country like never before. Stop waiting for permission from the government to defend our country. Stop waiting for state government officials to save us. Get into gear don't let people tell you not to defend yourself. Get your asses to the Texas border.

New Mexico Artesia New Mexico. Be on alert!!! We have been given information pertaining to flights coming out of Texas to your area begining next week. Get your protesters ready.

Arizona Currently we have contact with 3 troops on the ground. If anyone needs any info on these operations please call the Hotline. All 3 are looking for recruits also.

Operation Phoenix is in need of Night vision at least Gen III, Need 5 tires. No mix match sizes for four wheel drive. Tire Size is 31x10.5x15, minimum tire model would be Big Foot. They also need prepayed debit cards and gas Cards too. Gear & Hard supplies are welcome. Please no food and water bundles thats what the debit cards are for. If anyone is intrested in donating to Op Phoenix please contact PatriotsInformationHotline for donation shipping.

Nogalas Az ** CALL TO ACTION IN PLACE ** If you would like to send gas cards or food cards they can be sent too. This will only be accessed weekly. General Delivery 3848 Apache Junction, Az. 85117

West of 19 Operations If you would like to join this group you can go to These guys are in need of gas cards only. Az Border Recon P.O.Box 37275 Phoenix Az 85069

Texas To the best of PIH knowledge there are 4 credible operations on the ground currently in Texas. We only have contact with one. We hold an open invitation for all active or potential groups on the ground to contact us for any help we have to offer.

"Operation Secure Our Border - Laredo Sector" ** CALL TO ACTION IN PLACE ** SOPs, SOGs, and ROEs are still being worked on. Command staff is in place. Needed for Operation: Storable Food (MREs, ect.), Water, Camping supplies, Gas Cards, First Aide Kits. Needed for Command: 4 Dry-Erase Board With Anodized Aluminum Frame, 24" x 36" Donations of supplies can be sent to: General Delivery P.O. Box 820 Von Ormy, TX. 78073 Donations of money can be sent to PayPal E-mail:

Bundy Ranch I have made contact with Mr. Cliven Bundy. Mr. Bundy says Thank you all for your support and continued thoughts and prayers. He and his family are all well. They dont need anything at the moment. But they really appriciate the fact that the patriot community has continued to stand by them.

California We have several call in reports as they where turning the busses away. I hope CA keeps us updated in the future too. Anyone with info from the CA area please give us a shout.

For more information call Patriot Information Hotline 24/7 (559 726 1300) access 639939# This is a live call.

Please folks keep in mind these ladies and gentleman are normal everyday Joes and Janes. They have jobs and familys and needs and wants. However AMERICA needs you!! America needs the support on this line securing the border. We have facing times of peril. America can't take much more. Stand up !! Lace up those boots !! Put them on the border!! Protect AMERICA NOW before its too late. ~Barbie

There is a temptist on the horizen. We are calling for all patriots and citizens to rise up & march together, and kick up the dust over the land where our forefathers now sleep and take back our republic. ~Steve

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